A proven prescription for
discovering and actualizing
your boundless potential!

A proven prescription for discovering and actualizing  your boundless potential!

“A fascinating book. He is a guiding light for others . . . and will open the door to your successful life.”

- Bob Proctor, Star of The Secret
Bestselling author of You Were Born Rich

What do you consider to be the greatest achievement of your life?

By the time you finish reading 4D Leadership, you’re going to be approaching even the tiniest details of your day-to-day life with the same zeal and determination you brought to your greatest achievement.

You’ll have elevated your every waking hour, every activity and human interaction, to the same level of excellence and exuberant “aliveness” that most of us think are reserved for those rare moments of triumph.

You’ll have become an active part of the global movement towards community consciousness and service that is the hallmark of the new age we’ve entered . . . instead of simply being a passive spectator. You’ll be a blessing to those around you, and to the world as a whole.

And, you’ll finally be the writer, director and lead actor in the heroic life you were meant to live!

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Bob Proctor, mega-bestselling author, transformational leader and star of “The Secret,” talks about 4D Leadership

It’s about time

Dr. Hisham Abdalla makes a convincing argument that we are so caught up with the three-dimensional world that we ignore the vitally important fourth dimension . . . time.

We forget that we are constantly moving forward through this dimension together with those around us. There’s no stopping it, and no rewinding for a “rewrite” of our life.

The story of our life, and the impact we’ll have on others, is being written every hour, in even the most seemingly “unimportant” things we do.

Like medieval tapestries that tell stories, we are weaving our own tapestry moment by moment. What Dr. Hisham will teach you is that there are no “unimportant” parts of this tapestry. No one area, no thread, no one person, is any less important than any other. The whole tapestry can – and should – be executed at the same level of excellence, even greatness. You are the hero of your own life!

The all-consuming desire for a successful life of a personal hero, a legend in your own sphere of existence, should not be expended in conquering accomplishments one by one, but rather as a web of energy that continuously interconnects achievements while serving others with intent. The true essence of leadership is to serve.”

- Dr. Hisham, from 4D Leadership


Not surprisingly, when you approach life with the care, attention and standard of excellence 4D Leadership will teach you, you’ll find your accomplishments beginning to mount in every area. Whether it’s in your work, relationships, parenting, hobbies, projects, or the realization of a dream you’ve had.

Dr. Hisham explains 4D Leadership – and why it will be a turning point in your life.

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“Dr. Hisham has created a brilliant piece of work with his 4D Leadership book. Dr. Hisham's pragmatic wisdom will take you from where you are now to a higher level of excellence, which could have you experiencing greater fulfillment in all areas of your life. A must-read!"  

- Peggy McColl New York Times best-selling author
of Your Destiny Switch

The illusion of separateness

Dr. Hisham writes:

“I have always believed that our greatest realization is overcoming the separateness our physical existence imposes.” Our lives, he explains, are about learning and accepting that this separateness is transitory."

“We are unique but also interconnected, interwoven and interdependent in every way. Sharing is the true expression of caring, because it adds to the global sphere of Conscious Awareness. Remember that serving is sharing what we know. We get appreciated, paid, rewarded and loved not for what we know, but for what we do with what we know.”

- Dr. Hisham, from 4D Leadership

What do you consider to be the greatest achievement of your life? Beyond personal success, joy and gratification, the author points to a larger goal, what he calls “the Big Why”: the creation of a global community of fully realized souls who serve others by reaching their full potential – by approaching even the smallest details of their lives in the joyous, rewarding pursuit of excellence.

In reading this book, you’ll not only begin to understand your interconnection to others -- you’ll begin to influence those around you . . . even if you’ve never thought of yourself as a leader before!

At one and the same time, you’ll be adopting a new and higher standard for yourself and infecting those around you with the same lofty spirit. You’re serving others in serving yourself. It’s no longer you against the world. It’s about going someplace new and wonderful together!

Pursuing excellence is FUN!

Once you have this new awareness of the value of every moment and learn to apply the tools in this book, life will no longer be a long stretch of humdrum activities and duties interrupted by a few enjoyable times. All of it becomes more fun. You’ll share with the Zen monks the wonder of experiencing peace and joy in even the most “trivial” things you do!

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“Excellence in life leadership is not a matter of passive being - it's a vibrant journey of becoming."

- Dr. Hisham Abdalla, from 4D Leadership  

Becoming better, together

4D Leadership is not just about personal development and improvement, but the positive evolution of all of us together. As Dr. Hisham said about the doomsday predictions for December of 2012, the world is hardly running down to a terrible ending – on the contrary, it is winding up to a new age of Conscious Awareness, and of mindful collective action!

“We first have to become aware of who we are, where we are and that we can do better. We have to update our paradigms and get out of our box. Then help others do the same, thus leading and mentoring each other to greatness. Electing new country leaders cannot change the world. Electing to be a personal leader, taking charge of your own life, becoming better and inspiring others to do the same, is how you change the world.”

- Dr. Hisham, from 4D Leadership

After you have read 4D Leadership, you will be primed and ready to play your part as a hero in this glorious new age – again, serving others by serving yourself

What ARE “the four “D’s”?

In the book, Dr. Hisham identifies the four “D’s” of 4D Leadership as Dream, Desire and Do . . . with Determination!

It starts with a dream. What possibilities do you dare to dream of for yourself, if you could be your absolute best, making the most of your allotted time? What would you do if you could do anything?  You’ll never manifest what you don’t dream of in the first place.

Next is connecting to WHY you want this dream, and aligning it with your core values. This will set you free emotionally to summon the desire you’ll need to really achieve it. You’ll let go of the fear that’s holding you back.

Then, it’s time to take action. That’s the “Do” part -- and you’ll need to do it with the Determination that will carry you through to success.

Dr. Hisham will walk you step by step through the process, like a guide taking you on an incredible journey. In fact it’s the most important journey, the purpose of your life!

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